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The Shipmind is an item players encounter during gameplay of Citizen Sleeper. The Shipmind is an integral part of gameplay and completion of the questlines.


The Shipmind has numerous purposes. It can be created by the combination of three Shipmind Fragments, but can also be purchased from the Paz Import/Export for a cost of 288 cryo. Once in possession of the Shipmind, players can use it for the Sleeper life support, or can sell it for 150 cryo.

Players may also use the Shipmind to temporarily contain NeoVend which creates the Imprinted Shipmind and allows for NeoVend's transportation. The primary use, however, for the Shipmind, is to power a ship. Thus, it is an integral part of Ankhita's questline. Once a player is in possession of the Shipmind, they must give it to Ankhita who will use it to power her ship and complete her questline.