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Citizen Sleeper is an upcoming indie table top roleplaying game developed by Jump Over the Age and published by game studio Fellow Traveller.

The game was released May 5, 2022 and follows playable characters — known as Sleepers — as they build friendships, earn a living, and navigate the strange metropolis of Erlin's Eye, their new home. The game was nominated for the category Games for Impact in the 2022 Game Awards, for "a thought-provoking game with a pro-social meaning or message."[1]


Players of the game are known as "Sleepers", digitised human consciousness in an artificial body owned by Essen-Arp. They must navigate the strange new world of Erlin's Eye, completing missions to earn their keep and survive each "cycle".

There are several opportunities for players throughout each cycle, and players can chose to either wander around, get a job, eat, or make friendships. Either way, the aim is to survive each cycle.


General Gameplay[edit]

Each "cycle" players are able to roll six dices and assign them out to tasks available aboard Erlin's Eye. Players are able to independently chose their tasks based on who they want their character to be and the values they wish to uphold. It is important for players to consider how their actions affect the characters around them, and have a large impact on the future of Erlin's Eye and everyone aboard.

Within the game, a players actions (and indeed those of others) are tracked by clocks. They allow a player to see their progress and also the influences they have on the system and people around them.

Character classes[edit]

The game comes with different character classes that allow characters to assign specific skills to their Sleepers (their characters). Currently, one of the known classes is Operator. which focuses on interacting with physical machinery aboard Erlin's Eye.


There are five skills in Citizen Sleeper that characters are able to level up within the game. These skills are:

  • Engineer: This skill allows sleepers to interact and work with machines and physical tools.
  • Interface: This skill allows interaction with digital interfaces aboard Erlin's Eye.
  • Endure: This allows players to use their strength or strength of will.
  • Intuit: This allows players to approach their problems with awareness.
  • Engage: This skill allows players to approach problems head-on.

Players can chose to assign skill points to whichever skill they feel is important to them and, therefore, level up their different abilities independently.


Desktop Version[edit]

The desktop version of the game was the first version of the game announced, with the Xbox version following simultaneously afterwards. The desktop version, at launch, is limited to the Windows and macOS ecosystems, with little indication on whether the game will come to Linux at any point.

The game is available on macOS and Windows through the Steam store, and retails for $19.99 in-line with the other platforms.

Console Version[edit]

At launch, the game is available on both Xbox One and Xbox X|S through Xbox Game Pass. Xbox is currently the only games console supported, and it is unknown if the game will be backwards-compatible with the Xbox 360. Similarly, it is unknown if the game will be available on either the PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.

The Xbox version of the game also retails for $19.99.

Nintendo version[edit]

Promotional imagery for the release of the game on the Nintendo Switch.

Citizen Sleeper is designed to be played in a similar fashion to a table-top RPG and also be similar to In Other Waters. As a result, the game is available on the Nintendo Switch through the Nintendo eShop. It has a download size of 828MB on Nintendo Switch at a cost of $19.99 in-line with other platforms.


Updates Citizen Sleeper.jpeg

On June 13, 2022, Gareth Damian Martin, the developer of Citizen Sleeper announced that there would be three free updates to the game which would bring a host of new storylines and characters. The chapters are expected to be interconnecting and released in parts beginning July 2022 until 2023.


The first of the three updates, in Flux, players much deal with pressures in the Helion system which brings the ships of a refugee Flotilla to Erlin's Eye. Players are tasked with meeting and helping those aboard get onto the Eye before they are locked out forever by the quarantine locks.

Update 2[edit]

The second, untitled update, follows the expansion of Flotilla's story as the quarantine lifts and new threats emerge on the Eye.

Update 3[edit]

The third update is currently unknown and is due for release in 2023.

System Requirements[edit]

Upon release, the game will be available for download on PC, macOS, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch. It is unknown if the game will come to PlayStation at any point during its release. There are some general system requirements guidelines published by the developers:

Element Requirement
PC macOS
Operating System Windows 7-11 (64-bit) macOS x 10.10.5 +
Memory 4GB RAM 4GB RAM
Storage 2GB available 2GB available
Graphics DirectX 11 compatible GPU 2GB VRAM


  • The game saves at different locations dependent on the platform:
    • Windows: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\Jump Over the Age\Citizen Sleeper
    • macOS: $HOME/Library/Application Support/Jump Over the Age/Citizen Sleeper
    • Steam Play: <Steam-folder>/steamapps/compatdata/1578650/pfx/
  • Once completed, the game's word count is expected to be around 200k[2].


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