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Ankhita is a mercenary who finds herself stranded on the Eye after the breakdown of her ship, the Ambergris. She seeks aid in an attempt to repair her ship and finally leave the Eye for good.

Ankhita has her own questline that players can complete as part of the basic chapters included within the game. Completing Ankhita's questline will earn players one of the numerous achievements available throughout the game.


Ankhita's questline begins in the Rotunda, which is located a short distance above the Empty Container players find themselves in at the beginning of the game.

Dock Watcher[edit]

The Dock Watcher clock is a three-part clock which can be completed using Critical Actions and Repeatable Actions; this clock also requires players to be in possession of Action Dice.

The Critical Action can only be performed once, and is a gamble given the outcomes, but consists of the "Steal Dock Plans" action:

  • Positive: +3 points towards the 'Dock Watcher' clock;
  • Neutral: +3 points towards the 'Dock Watcher' clock; +3 points towards the 'Havenage Watchlist' clock;
  • Negative: -2 condition; +3 points towards the Havenage Watchlist.

As seen, players wishing to complete the Havenage Watchlist clock for this portion of the questline have an equal chance of completing the clock as the Dock Watcher clock — although, players may get a negative or neutral outcome more frequently than a positive therefore it may actually be statistically more probable to complete the Havenage Watchlist clock.

The repeatable action is 'Explore the Rotunda':

  • Positive: +2 points towards the 'Dock Watcher' clock;
  • Neutral: +1 point towards the 'Dock Watcher' clock;
  • Negative: -1 energy.

Completing the Explore the Rotunda repeatable action will only allow players to complete the Dock Watcher clock, therefore this is probably the best bet if players wish to continue the questline via this clock.

If players complete the 'Dock Watcher' clock, The Rotunda will disappear from the map and will be replaced with three new locations: Sealer Dock, Ankhita, and the Overlook.

If players alternatively complete the Havenage Watchlist clock, Feng will appear and save you. The questline continues at the 'Ankhita' location on the map, so players need to head there to complete the questline. After arriving at the Ankhita location, player will talk with Ankhita and she will ask or help. Helping her will earn Cryo and will begin "Drive: Fix the Ambergris", which is Ankhita's ship.


Shipshape is the next clock which players will need to complete. This is an eight-part clock which can be completed with one Critical Action, and one Repeatable Action.

The first is the "Rewire Drones" critical action:

  • Positive: +1 point towards the Shipshape clock per cycle;
  • Neutral: +2 points towards the Shipshape clock; -1 condition;
  • Negative: +3 points towards the Grounded clock; -1 condition.

The next action is the Amber Hull Repairs Repeatable Action:

  • Positive: +2 points towards the Shipshape clock;
  • Neutral: +1 point towards the Shipshape clock;
  • Negative: +1 point towards the Grounded clock.

Completing the Shipshape clock will earn players 100 Cryo and you will be presented with a new objective: find or build a Shipment.


The other alternative is to complete the Grounded clock, which is a six-part clock which can only be completed through the negative outcomes of completing the Shipshape clock objectives. Nonetheless, completing this clock will gain players 100 Cryo and allow them to continue onto the Ort Exchange clock to continue the questline.

Ort Exchange[edit]

To continue the questline, players must be in possession of a Shipmind. Players may already had made on previously if they have completed Neovend's questline, but if not, they need to complete the Trusted Trader clock.

Trusted Trader[edit]

The Trusted Trader clock is a six-part clock completed via Repeatable Actions such as the 'Play the Exchange' action:

  • Positive: +19 Cryo; +2 points towards the 'Trusted Trader' clock;
  • Neutral: +12 Cryo; +1 points towards the 'Trusted Trader' clock;
  • Negative: -11 Cryo; -1 energy.

After completing this clock, players gain access to a new location, The Ort Fabricator.

The Ort Fabricator[edit]

Arriving at the Ort Fabricator, players must complete the Fabricate Shipmind Repeatable Action which costs 3 Shipmind Fragments. These can be found in either Dock C-4 or B-2, which cost 20 Cryo or 60 Cryo respectively. Players are advised, therefore, to chose Dock C-4 as this will one is cheaper.

Players will need to collect 3 Shipmind Fragments, therefore Dock C-4 makes more sense given players can complete the Repeatable Actions 3 times for the same price as Dock B-2. Collecting the 3 fragments will gain players the Shipmind Core, and complete the Drive: Build a Shipmind.

Players will also earn the Mindcraft Achievement as a result. After collecting the Shipmind Core, players need to take it to the Ambergris, which will complete the Drive: Fix the Ambergris. Players are approached by Ankhita who will offer 200 Cryo to find Ashton, which will begin the Drive: Find Ashton.

Tracking Ashton[edit]

Players will need to travel to the Founder's Gap to find Ashton. This will cost them 150 Cryo and can be found in the Lowend; players only need to pay the Cryo one time for permanent access.

Tracking Ashton is a clock found in the Wild Margins, and is an eight-part clock completed via the Search for Signals and Look for Tracks Repeatable Actions.

Search for Signals:

  • Positive: +3 points towards the 'Tracking Ashton' clock;
  • Neutral: +1 points towards the 'Tracking Ashton' clock;
  • Negative: -3 energy.

Look for Tracks:

  • Positive: +2 points towards the 'Tracking Ashton' clock;
  • Neutral: +1 points towards the 'Tracking Ashton' clock; -1 energy;
  • Negative: -1 Condition.

Completion of this clock will unlock an encounter with both Ashton and Ankhita, Players must rest for a cycle and then will find the Ambergris nearby. Players will encounter a "Ankhita is Away" clock, which is a two-cycle clock. Players must rest for two cycles to complete the clock, and then they will be able to talk with Ankhita and complete the Drive: Find Ashton.

Out becomes clear through dialogue with Ankhita that Ashton had previously stoled Ankhita's shipmind with the intention of bringing a sleeper back to life. Ashton is deeply in love with this sleeper and believed that Ankhita wouldn't understand, hence why he took the shipmind without her prior approval. In a fit of rage, Ankhita kills Ashton and the sleeper as revenge for Ashton's actions and the theft of her shipmind.

Players are given the choice to keep or refuse the 200 Cryo payment they were promised as a result of the completion. This results in the completion of Ankhita's questline and the unlocking of the achievement, 'The Bad End'.



  • Ankhita's power armor uses ceramic armor plating.


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