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Moritz looks away, and you notice him for the first time, not just as Bliss's assistant, but as someone with their own worries, their own struggles, their own life. You feel bad for not noticing earlier.

Moritz is a repair-bay engineer[1] aboard Erlin's Eye and one of the characters players can interact with throughout each cycle. Below his name, Moritz can be seen described as "Bliss's assistant."



All that is known about Moritz before the events of the game is that he has worked as Bliss's assistant for a while.

During the Game[edit]

Moritz is first introduced to the player when he tracks you down at your empty container to ask for you to come work for Bliss on a job.

The following cycle, Moritz once again arrives at your unit to tell you that Ember's Wake has shipped out. Moritz addresses his frustration and tells you to be on the look out for more work.

The next time Moritz arrives at your unit he greets you very enthusiastically. He soon asks about what it's like to be a Sleeper, and continues by saying that he has sympathy for your struggle to survive and that a lot of people on the Eye can relate to that. He moves on and tells you about Bliss needing your help.

The next time you encounter Moritz is when you visit the Starward Vector. He says that he is worried about the next job going wrong, saying that it has to work, otherwise the Bay will be in trouble. After repairing the Starward Vector, Moritz excitedly cheers. He says that he is impressed with you and Bliss.

The next time you encounter Moritz is in your unit. He is happy to see you again and offers you a new job with Bliss.

The next time you encounter Moritz is after you complete the final job in the Ambergris by refitting Amber. He mentions wanting to ask Miss Casetta about letting him keep a warhead. After this he asks you if you knew about Bliss leaving. He seems very distracted and obviously bothered by this news. He tells you about her giving the Bay to him. He seems to not know what to do with it. Ankhita and Bliss arrive to ask you to leave with them. This prompts the belt/bay ending. If you decide to stay, Moritz seems eager to share the Bay with you.




It is known that Moritz has been a close friend of Bliss for an extended period time, and has worked as her assistant prior to the events of Citizen Sleeper; the two are presumably best-friends.

During your fourth encounter with Moritz in the Starward Vector he says that Bliss has had a rough time and that she is one of the good ones. He says that she once gave him a chance and he owes her. Moritz further explains about him and Bliss needing someone to help the Bay from falling apart and that if you aren't going to help them then it's all going to fall apart.


  • In addition to being featured in a Twitter promotion[2] ahead of the game's release, Moritz is among a few characters to be featured on the cover a single from the game's soundtrack. The cover that he is featured on is for the track "Optic Nerve."[3]
  • Described in The Art of Citizen Sleeper, "Moritz is in search of a place he can settle. (He and Bliss) form a temporary support structure for each other in a place that is always flowing, where you can loose anything that isn't strapped down."


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