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An Operator is one of the character classes a player is able to apply to their character during gameplay of Citizen Sleeper.

Operators work with high precision remote machinery to perform complex tasks from a distance ensuring they do not need to be physically present to carry out a task. They work with drones, AIs, drones, and software, and are particularly adept at interacting with systems and data structures.


The Operator class comes with preset initial values for two of the five skills available. This gives those choosing the Operator class an advantage when it comes to using their Sleeper to complete interface-related missions; this comes at the expense of endurance, however.

  • Interface: the Operator class comes with a +1 skill assignment within respect to the interface skill.
  • Endure: Operators have a -1 skill assignment in respect to endurance, meaning that endurance of this character is initially less than standard.


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