Havenage Data

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The Havenage Data is a type of data players encounter during gameplay of Citizen Sleeper.


The Havenage Data is a data cache skimmed from Havenage hardware. The data can be sold to Yatagan for 15 cryo or, alternatively, they can sell the data to Castor, but players must exchange 5 data items in exchange for 1 Stabilizer, in a similar fashion to the Yatagan Data. Thus, players may weigh if it is worth selling the Castor or Yatagan — players may take into account that they can also buy Stabilizers from Sabine, but this comes at more expense.

Players are also able to sell the data at the Tambour Teahouse, although this only gains them 10 cryo, thus, it is more worthwhile to sell the data to Yatagan if players are looking to make a profit.