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Eshe is an ex-XPR spacer aboard Erlin's Eye and one of the characters players can interact with as a part of the game's Episode: Flux DLC. Eshe arrives aboard the Eye along with Peake on a stolen XPR ship named the Briar.

During Eshe's first encounter with the Sleeper, Eshe is trying her best to collect supplies to aid the refugee floitlla . Whilst she is somewhat dubious about accepting the Sleeper's help, she is reassured by Peake that the Sleeper means no harm and thus, accepts the help.



Eshe's questline begins after players cross the Greenway and pay the 150 cryo to pass the Founder's Gap. This will bring players to a direct encounter with both Eshe and Peake. The two explain the the other refugees have been quarantined outside of the Eye, and therefore, are running low on supplies; this is dangerous for them given their status in quarantine.

Players can find Eshe and Peake once again in the Wastes, which is located beyond the Greenway, but players will need to bring them mushrooms to interact. As a result of their location, players must complete a sizeable chunk of Emphis' questline before proceeding, so it is recommended that players double back and complete this before embarking on Eshe's questline.

Players can bring two Girolle Caps as a peace offering to talk with Eshe, but this will begin a twelve-cycle countdown. Eshe will explain that the refugees only have twelve-cycles remaining before they run out of supplies entirely. Therefore, from this point forward, the primary objective is to collect basic supplies like food and water to keep the refugees alive, as well as getting Eshe's shop ready to deliver the supplies.

Finding food and water for Eshe[edit]

Food can be found at the Algae Stack, which is located near the Sleeper's mushroom garden. Harvesting the Algae is then possible after players fill the Algae Access clock, which can be used as food. One chance at harvesting is possible per cycle, but spending dice will increase this to a maximum of three chances per cycle.

Water, however, is a little more difficult and must be stolen directly from under Haven's nose. Players must select Reservoir S4 and siphon the water to fill the 'Water the Flotilla' clock. When it is full, players will be able to continue.

After collecting the water and food for Eshe, players must obtain eight scrap electronics which will help in maintaining the ships. This will be easier for players who chose the Engineer as their starting class, as they periodically obtain scrap from their engineer actions. For those that didn't chose the Engineer, you may forage for it in the Wastes or buy it from Scrap Freighters that visit the Eye.

Dodging Security[edit]

Moving beyond the Wastes, players will find Peake waiting for you after a cycle or two. Players must smuggle Eshe pas the cordon and back again. Players must complete the Cordon Intel clock and then the three clocks that follow this, which will allow you to upgrade Eshe's ship to deliver the goods.

If a player receives a negative outcome from the clocks, they need to decrease the Havenage Suspicion clock, which can be done by Deflecting Suspicion in the Canteen.

Players may find that they are unable to find their way past security and thus, Eshe's attempts will be foiled before they can begin. Helping Peake takes priority in this instance. As the twelve-cycle countdown comes to an end, you will be called to the Cordon by Helene, a councillor for Havenage. She will make it clear that you shouldn't continue, but the decision lies with the player and this will be discussed with Peake and Eshe afterwards.

At the end of the twelve-day cycle, Eshe will attempt to deliver the goods no matter the progress you have made. For a successful run, players will need to have collected all of the supplies, upgraded the ship, and helped Peake bypass security. If successful, players will have completed the DLC, Flux.






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