The Ambergris

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The Ambergris is a decaying and derelict ship belonging to Ankhita. Ankhita uses the ship to seek passageway to Erlin's Eye, but finds when she arrives that her Shipmind is missing, thus stranding her on the Eye.

One of the principal goals of Ankitah's questline is to collect a Shipmind and repair the Ambergris so that Ankhita may leave the Eye for good.


Players will find the Ambergris located on the left side of the Eye, near the Rotunda. They can approach the Ambergris where they will converse with Ankhita, who tells them that her Shipmind is missing and as a result, she cannot leave the Eye. She asks the player to find her a Shipmind and therefore aid her in repairing the Ambergris and leaving the Eye.


Within the Ambergris, players will find two actions which they must complete. One is a critical action and thus, can only be completed once, whilst the other is a repeatable action and may be completed as many times as needed within a cycle.

  • Rewire Drones (Critical/Danger): This is a critical action and can only be completed once. Once completed, players receive a message citing that "there aren't any more drones to rewire, which, given the risks, is probably a good thing. This contributes to the Shipshape cycle clock.
  • Amber Hull Repairs (Repeatable/Risky): This is a repeatable action and consists of repairing the Amber Hull of the Ambergris. It is difficult, however, as years of neglect have made the Amber Hull fragile: each repair puts players one step forward and two steps back.