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Sabine is a Doctor aboard Erlin's Eye and one of the characters players can interact with during their gameplay. Sabine has their own questline which can be completed by players to earn Achievements and complete the game. Sabine will become an integral part of a players journey on the Eye, and if needed, they can purchase emergency Stabilizer's from them to improve their condition.


Sabine's questline begins at the Bright Market, which can be found near the Lowend Gate. This is similar to the beginning of Emphis' questline, which also begins at the Bright Market.

Local Knowledge[edit]

The 'Local Knowledge' clock is a 3-part clock which can be completed via either a Critical Action or a Repeatable action. Given the Critical Action can only be completed once, it is more risky than the Repeatable Action. Players should chose which they wish to play based on their game style.

The 'Ask For Directions' is the first task and is the Critical Action:

  • Positive: +3 points towards the 'Local Knowledge' clock;
  • Neutral: +2 points towards the 'Local Knowledge' clock; -6 Cryo;
  • Negative: -1 Condition; -15 Cryo.

The 'Explore the Market' is the Repeatable Action and is less risky but comes with less reward and less chance of filling the clock as the outcomes are worth less:

  • Positive: +2 points towards the 'Local Knowledge' clock;
  • Neutral: +1 point towards the 'Local Knowledge' clock;
  • Negative: -1 Energy

Players do not need to fully complete the clock to complete Sabine's questline. When 'Sabine' and 'Emphis' Stall' appears on the players map, they are free to leave the clock and head to 'Sabine' on the map. Players may chose to continue to complete the clock if they wish — this offers no Achievement, however.

Sourcing the Stabilizer[edit]

At 'Sabine' players will meet with Sabine and they will start a 3-part cycle clock 'Sourcing Stabiliser'. Players must rest for a period of 3 cycles to complete ether clock. Returning to Sabine after the completion will award players with 1 Stabiliser, which will bring your condition from 0 to full instantly. This completes the 'Drive: Survive'. Players also now find themselves in possession of the passkey for Unit 207-F.

If players need to boost or top up their condition once again, they can return to Sabine and exchange 100 Cryo for another Stabiliser. Purchasing a Stabiliser rom Sabine will earn the 'Planned Obsolexcence' Achievement.

Yatagan Hacked[edit]

  • Positive:
  • Neutral:
  • Negative:

Painful Patience[edit]

Rabiah Appointment[edit]

Yatagan Insider[edit]

Enemy of My Enemy[edit]

Yannick's Trust[edit]

The Aftermath[edit]



  • Sabine's gender was changed from female to non-binary.[1]
  • Sabine's original career was as a Yatagan Enforcer, rather than a Doctor.[1]
  • Described in The Art of Citizen Sleeper "(Sabine set) the standard for a lot of the techwear-inspired fashion of Erlin's Eye."


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