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Dragos is a pragmatic salvager aboard the Eye who finds himself in heavy debt and seeking assistance from players to escape this debt and build a better life for himself.

Dragos has his own questline that players are able to complete throughout the game which will result in achievements being unlocked.


An example of the actions available for Dragos' Questline.

Dragos' questline, or story, focuses on salvaging and begins at Dragos' Yard, where players find themselves able to begin their journey on Dragos' questline.

When a player begins Dragos' questline, they will find themselves presented with two clocks, the "Back in Business" Clock, and the "A Debt Called In" clock.

Back in Business[edit]

The initial clock, "Back in Business" is an eight-part clock which can be filled by completing two repeatable actions:

  • Hull Dissection: this action aids Dragos in the dissection of the hull
    • Positive: +15 Cryo; +2 points towards the clock;
    • Neutral: +15 Cryo; +1 points towards the clock;
    • Negative: +10 Cryo; -1 energy, no points.
  • Manual Salvage: this action entails salvaging parts aboard Erlin's Eye:
    • Positive: +10 Cryo; +2 points towards the clock; Neutral: +10 Cryo; +1 point toward the clock Negative: +5 Cryo.

Players can therefore either play it safe with the Manual Salvage action, or risk losing energy if they receive a negative outcome from the Hull Dissection action. A players decision will depend on whether they wish to collect more Cryo or play it safe.

If a player is successful in their quest to finish the 'Back in Business' clock, they are presented with Dragos, who will announce that they have completed "Drive: Repay Dragos"; these are eventually quests in game, which result in Achievements being won. As a result of completing said drive, players are awarded the "Paid Off" achievement.

After this clock has been completed, players are presented with three further clocks that they can opt to complete:

  • Winter Light
  • Yard Clearance
  • Dragos' Nerve

Winter Light[edit]

Winter Light is an eight-part clock filled via the completion of repeatable actions. There is only one repeatable action that will contribute to the clock so filling the clock should be easy; this is the Forensic Trawl repeated action but can only be completed via the use of action dice.

  • Positive: +2 points towards the clock; +1 scrap item;
  • Neutral: +1 point towards the clock;
  • Negative: 0 points towards the clock; +1 'Yard Clearance'.

Completing the Winter Light clock completes "Drive: Study the Winter Light", and results in the award of 1 Stabiliser which will fully regenerate a players condition.

Completing the Back in Business clock and then Winter Light clock simultaneously will complete Dragos' questline.

Yard Clearance[edit]

Alternatively, players may chose to complete the Yard Clearance clock. This is an eight-part clock also, and is filled by completing the Cutter Salvage repeatable action.

  • Positive: +2 points towards the clock; +16 Cryo;
  • Neutral: +1 points towards the clock; +16 Cryo;
  • Negative: -1 condition; +16 Cryo.

Each outcome results in the awarding of 16 Cryo, therefore players should decide on whether to risk the clock based on the possibility of getting a negative result and losing a condition point as the Cryo should not be a deciding factor.

Completing the clock results in an award on 48 Cryo and the completion of Dragos' questline. This also results in the failure of Drive: Study the Winter Light, therefore both cannot be done simultaneously.

Dragos' Nerve[edit]

Dragos' Nerve is an alternative clock to chose instead of Yard Clearance and is a 12 part cycle clock and therefore takes 12 cycles to complete. This clock completion results in the failure of the Winter Light and Yard Clearance clocks, but ends in the completion of Dragos' questline.

Following this route results in the award of 48 Cryo, therefore is very similar to the Yard Clearance clock but may be more tricky to complete given it is a cycle clock and would presumably take longer.

A Debt Called In[edit]

Alternately, a player may chose to complete the "A Debt Called In" clock instead. This clock, however, differs from the regular clocks as it is a cycle clock, meaning that it fills one increment per cycle aboard Erlin's Eye. Players will complete the clock after eight cycles, but doing so results in the failing of the "Back in Business" Clock, therefore players must chose between one clock or the other — both cannot be completed simultaneously.

After completion of this clock, players are presented with the opportunity to complete two further clocks:

  • Holding Payments
  • Final Deadline

Holding Payments[edit]

The Holding Payments clock is a three-part clock which can be filled by completing several different actions, either critical or repeatable. The critical action requires players use action dice, whilst the repeatable action requires the use of Cryo.

The critical action players are able to utilise is known as Negotiate the Debt:

  • Positive: +2 points towards the clock;
  • Neutral: +1 point towards the clock;
  • Negative: +2 points towards the Final Deadline clock; -1 condition.

Interestingly, players will gain points towards the other clock, Final Deadline, if they recieve a negative outcome from this one.

Players can also utilise the Make a Payment repeatable action to contribute to the clock, which always has a result of -30 Cryo and +1 points towards the Holding Payments clock. Players can utilise both actions to complete this clock.

Completing the Holding Payment's clock will result in the completion of the Drive: Repay Dragos, and will earn you the Paid Off Achievement.

This route will lead players to be presented with the three initial clocks:

  • Winter Light
  • Yard Clearance
  • Dragos' Nerve.

Final Deadline[edit]

Alternatively, players can complete the Final Deadline clock, which is a six-part cycle clock. Completing this clock, however, will result in the failure of the Holding Payments clock — only one clock can be complete.



  • Gareth Martin, the developer behind Citizen Sleeper, stipulates that Dragos' name is pronounced Drag-osh instead of Drag-os as it seems initially by the spelling.


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